Article: HDA100 Senzit Air Filter Monitor

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The Day Has Come – a Bluetooth AIR FILTER!



Okay, sort of.  It’s not exactly an air filter, but an air filter monitor made by Senzit ( for WIX Filtration (Mann+Hummel).  And before you freak out about the senselessness of a Bluetooth monitor, let me tell all that it does.  It does more than just send you a notification that your air filter is dirty!


The monitor does all the following:

  • Provides air filter conditon in real-time -- replace the air filter when it needs it, not when it MIGHT need it.

  • Tracks engine hours for more accurate service intervals.

  • Provides automatic updates on filter life expectancy.

  • Offers GPS location for the vehicle for manager-tracking and assistance in theft-tracking

  • With the app, any user(s) can quickly view the needs of their entire fleet, giving fleet managers the ability to turn downtime into planned downtime.

  • In addition, any older vehicle can be brought into the 21st century with real-time tracking.  Make an old truck into a connected vehicle!






A few questions and answers:


Q:        Can I use any air filter with the Senzit monitor?

A:        You can use any brand air filter you would like.


Q:        I have to use the downloadable app to view the data?

A:        Yes, you do – the app is available in the Apple app store or the Google Play store.


Q:        How does Senzit broadcast information?

A:        The Senzit monitor has a built-in cellular connection which sends information to the mobile app installed on one phone or installed on many phones.


Q:        How do you install the Senzit?

A:        The monitor is installed in the air filter box and needs to be wired to any fused switched ignition source.  Do not connect it directly to the battery.  The operating temperature is -13°F to 175°F.  Do not mount Senzit near the hot air piping of a turbocharger (but it can be installed on turbo-charged engines).


Q:        Does Senzit come with a warranty?
A:        The WIX Filtration standard one-year warranty applies. now stocks these WIX Filtration Senzit units!


They are listed on FleetFilter for $179.99, but you’ll automatically get a 10% discount so it’s really only $161.97.  And if you increase your order to buy over $200.00 of any products, the 20% discount kicks in and the price becomes $143.98.


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