Wix Filter/NapaGold Oil Filter vs WIX




Obviously the Wix and the NapaGold filters are identical, except for the weight which could be attributed to the glue that hold the pleats to the end caps.

  • Wix/NapaGold uses a coil spring rather than a leaf spring; a coil spring keeps better pressure against the end cap. The ends of the coil should be bent inwards to prevent damage to the can.
  • Wix/NapaGold uses metal end caps rather than the fiberboard end caps.
  • The filter media inside the Wix/NapaGold was glued to itself, rather than crimped with a metal bracket.
  • The Wix/NapaGold filter has a phenolic resin which binds the media together while still keeping them separated for proper filtration. In addition, the resin helps protect the pleats from high temperatures.
  • The center tube of the Wix/NapaGold filter is spiraled for better flow; other brands use a straight tube with spot welds.
  • The Wix/NapaGold filter uses a silicon anti-drain back valve which is less likely to break down than the nitrile rubber valves. The anti-drain back valve is used to prevent oil from draining back to the crankcase after shutdown.


Wix makes the filters for Napa - therefore, a NapaGold and a Wix are identical.They are made on the same production line, only the Napa filters end up in a different packaging department.

Don't confuse the NapaGold with the Napa ProSelect (Napa™'s lower line of filters, see comparison here) - both are made by Wix, but the quality is not the same. Wix has production facilities in Poland as well; some of the European-make automotive filters come from their production plant there.