Larger Purchases

We have created FleetFilter with the intention of selling a lot of filters at very aggressive prices. However, FleetFilter does offer bulk purchases through factory directs which save on shipping costs.

Bulk Purchases
We stock hundreds of thousands in filters, but if you have an order over $5,000, we still might not have all the filters in stock for immediate shipment. Rather than wasting time getting the missing filters from Wix to our warehouse, and then from us to you, we can do a drop-ship order directly from Wix to you. It saves wait-time for you, and the filters are sent as LTL freight on pallets and shipping is free to you. These purchases take about a week to get from Wix to you. Please contact us at for more information or if you place an order over $5000, we will call you to see if you'd prefer a factory direct order with no shipping. One caveat, Wix does require case quantities for oil and fuel filters.

A Word About Master Packs
Wix's Master Pack filters are not boxed in individual boxes, but individually shrink-wrapped and placed in a box. These Master Pack filters are the exact same filters as the non-Master Packs, but the lack of an individual box allows the filters to be more competitively priced. On average, these filters costs 10%-20% less than the prices we have posted on We don't normally stock the Master Pack filters, but they can be ordered directly from Wix if that is something you think you would be interested in.

For inquiries into bulk purchases, please contact us.