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Napa Wix
Nafa Baldwin
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NapaGold / Wix Filters and Baldwin Filters
from FleetFilter!

We would like to welcome BALDWIN
to our inventory, and we'd like to thank you for our success!


  • Get an additional 10% DISCOUNT on orders over $125.00!
  • Get an additional 20% DISCOUNT on orders over $200.00!
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Why do we sell so many filters? Because pricing is 45% to 55% less than your local supplier.

Filter Cross-Reference

All our filters are NapaGold made by WIX in Gastonia, North Carolina, USA. We stock most of the filters we sell, and we try to ship all orders within 24 hours. If you're in Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii, contact us for your shipping estimates.

Why don't we offer FREE SHIPPING?

We'd like to, but we'd have to raise our prices to do that; we would rather offer our best price with actual shipping than bury the price of the shipping into the product. Feel free to price-check us; we are always lower than our competitors and that doesn't even include the additional 10-20% discounts we offer!

To see your actual shipping, add your Wix filters to the Shopping Cart, and "Shipping Estimator" will appear below "Cart Contents" on the right-side of the page.

WIX and Napa FiltersWhat's inside a filter? Look at the NapaGold Filter Comparisons pages we added! We took photos, created charts, and analyzed the contents of 20 oil filters so you can see the differences between the Wix/NapaGold and its competitors.