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Bulk Purchases

Often FleetFilter gets requests for bulk filter purchases from very large customers and exporters.

A minimum to qualify for a bulk purchase is $4,000; sometimes, however, we can get you a price that is even lower than the lowest price we have published on Contact us at, and we'll see what we can do.

Benefits of Bulk Purchases
The three benefits of a bulk purchase is that (a) you'll probably get an even lower price, and (b) you will not have any shipping costs, and (c) bulk purchases will be sent to any US location within 7-10 business days regardless of order size. All bulk purchases are required to be in case quantities.

Master Packs
Another benefit of bulk purchases is that many of the most common oil and fuel filters can be ordered in cases where the filters are individually shrink-wrapped rather than individual boxed. THESE FILTERS ON AVERAGE COST 10% TO 20% LESS THAN THE PRICES WE HAVE POSTED ON OUR SITE. We don’t normally stock these Master Pack filters, but they can be ordered directly from Wix.

For inquiries into bulk purchases, please contact us.