What an exciting 19 years!  What began as your average small-town auto parts store in Texas has blown up into the largest filter house online!

GOOD STORY – In 2005, I built the first version of our site using a primitive software called Yahoo SiteBuilder.  For $600 startup money, I legally created a new Texas company, created a new merchant services account, bought the FleetFilter domain, set up emails, and went live in a period just short of 30 days.  To get the ball rolling, we advertised on Ford, Dodge, and GM diesel truck sites figuring these customers work their trucks and therefore would need filters.

And it worked. We received a few orders a day from people who took a chance on us. The site was clunky, and our boxing/shipping process was awkward, but we generated some orders, we made some sales, and we made some customers happy.  We never sold anything in huge quantities, but one thing we did notice was that our customers came back.  We knew we were on to something that might work.

We advertised on those sites for about a year, and then stopped and let the site grow naturally using word-of-mouth and our natural google rankings.  We grew from 2006 to 2021 without ANY advertising, and once again, our customers always came back.

TODAY, we stock over 3700 part numbers and inventory over $900,000 in filters – those numbers continue to grow as we keep adding more and more inventory.  We always consider the customer-side of the equation, so we like to keep FleetFilter simple, we always try to ship 100% within 24 hours, and we always respond to a problem should something come up.  We want you to come back!

We sell Baldwin-branded filters and NapaGold filters ONLY made by Wix, Baldwin, or Donaldson because Wix, Baldwin, and Donaldson are the brands we trust. We order weekly truckloads from Wix, but sometimes we will chase filters from nearby warehouses if you need more than we happen to have.

We only use FedEx because we get better deals with all packages being with one shipper – and over the years we have been able to reduce our shipping charges because of this.

FOR 2024, we are remodeling FleetFilter to:

  • Gain a new look that will still be familiar
  • Gain a one-page checkout for a quicker purchase process
  • Gain a “garage” where you can store your vehicle’s information for future purchases
  • Gain the ability to see your old orders and selectively reorder
  • Gain better Order Status tracking

We have a lot of customers who have been buying since 2011 – so THANK YOU for sticking with us!  We look forward to the new improvements and we really look forward to gaining new regular customers.

If you’re thinking of trying us out, give us a shot – we do what we say we’ll do, and we will continue strive to always be the biggest and best filter house online!

Thank you for your business and trust!

FleetFilter Ltd
1102 South Austin
Brenham, Texas 77833
(866) 949-3458