Baldwin Filters ( was started in 1936 in Wisconsin when J.A. Baldwin designed a new cartridge lube filter. In 1953, the company relocated to Kearney, Nebraska to make use of a large airfield hangar that was used during the war. In 1981, the Clark Manufacturing Company bought the company from Mr. Baldwin and set to expand the company into Europe. After decades of growing into newer and larger facilities, Baldwin Filters still resides in Kearney, NE in a 110,000 sqft facility and has expanded its operations to Africa, Australia, China, Europe, Mexico, the Middle East and Morocco.

  • Baldwin Oil Filters
    • Baldwin Filters’ High Velocity Dual-Flow lube filters provide improved engine protection during extended oil drain intervals, high idle time and harsh operating conditions. The patented design of the High Velocity Dual-Flow filters provides maximum filtration, while the heavy-duty construction ensures dependable operation.
    • The Baldwin Design
      Baldwin Filters’ High Velocity Dual-Flow line includes dual-flow lube filters to be used on Cummins ISM, ISX and Series 600 engines as replacements for the Fleetguard Venturi™ filter line.
    • There are differences between standard dual-flow lube spin-on filters and the High Velocity Dual-Flow filters.
    • High Velocity Dual-Flow spin-ons have one inlet and one outlet. Oil flowing through the filter is sent directly to the engine to protect vital engine components, rather than a portion being returned to the sump as with conventional dual-flow filters.
    • The High Velocity Dual-Flow spin-on design is also superior to standard full-flow/by-pass designs in that a larger portion of the flow travels through the high efficiency element, removing more small contaminants. In traditional full-flow/by-pass designs, only a small percentage of flow, 10% or less, travels through the high efficiency element.
  • Baldwin Air Filters
    • Baldwin Filters' patent pending Channel Flow air filters provide superior filtration solutions in a lightweight, compact design for easy installation in less space. This straight-through air flow technology not only allows for less installation space, but offers manufacturers flexibility in design configuration.
    • The Baldwin Design
    • Baldwin's Channel Flow filter has more surface area than a traditional air filter, while requiring the same or less installation space. The Channel Flow media is formed by layering alternating rows of flat sheets and corrugated media. When completed, the media resembles a honeycomb network of channels.
    • As the media pack is formed, alternating channels are sealed with a bead of adhesive. Air enters open channels and flows through the media and out through adjacent open channels.
    • Increased air flow is needed for higher performance engines. Increased air flow is also needed to meet tougher exhaust emission standards.
    • With a traditional air filter, air typically enters through the side of the filter housing. The air must then work its way around the filter element, pass through the media, then turn 90° to exit the filter. By eliminating the turns the air needs to make in a traditional air filter, in-line air filters reduce restriction.
  • Baldwin Fuel Filters
    • Baldwin Filters’ design incorporates a removable, all-metal, self-venting drain valve into the filter’s assembly for full compatibility with OE designs. All OE drain valves, sensors and bowls may be used with the Baldwin design.
    • The Baldwin Design
      Baldwin’s design removed the OE raised “keys” to allow universal fit on multiple OE fuel bases.
    • This makes filter installation easier as no alignment to the mounting head is necessary.
    • All primary filters are painted red, while all secondary filters are painted white. This color coding helps determine, at a glance, that the proper filter is being installed.
    • The metal drain valve adds versatility of use on both standard and marine applications.
    • Baldwin’s removable self-venting drain valve is standard on these filters; however, the filter can be used with the Baldwin drain or removed for use with the OE sensor or bowl.
  • Baldwin Hydraulic Filters
    • PureForce® - A Higher Level of Hydraulic System Reliability
    • To improve system cleanliness, Baldwin Filters developed the PureForce hydraulic filter product line as an alternative for medium-pressure hydraulic assemblies.
    • Baldwin’s PureForce product line brings many advantages, including the ability to consistently outperform the leading competitor. Baldwin PureForce filters, bases and self-housed indicators all work together to protect hydraulic systems.
  • Baldwin Coolant Filters
    • Controlled Release Coolant Filters
      The Baldwin Filters Controlled Release Filters utilize a patented process that allows Supplement Coolant Additives to be released into your cooling system only when heat and coolant flow are present.
    • Our field tests show that the additives are released at an even rate. This is important because competitors’ filters can “dump” all the additives at once, potentially overcharging the system, leading to additive drop out.
    • The other extreme is not releasing enough additives towards the end of a maintenance period, thereby leaving the system vulnerable to cavitation erosion and corrosion.
    • The Baldwin Design
      With the Baldwin Controlled Release products, all coolant is conditioned with coolant additives prior to being filtered. This ensures that no undissolved particles from the chemical mass can enter the system. It also ensures that the flow control orifice cannot be plugged.
    • Baldwin’s media is a high-capacity synthetic media designed to trap contaminants and maintain its structure through long service intervals.