NapaGold Oil Filter vs STP

Side View - NapaGold Oil Filter vs STP
Side View
Bottom View - NapaGold Oil Filter vs STP
Bottom View
Parts Exploaded - NapaGold Oil Filter vs STP
Parts Exploaded
Filter Disassembled - NapaGold Oil Filter vs STP
Filter Disassembled
  Napa Gold STP
Part # 7060 S3506
Weight (G) 246.5 193.1
Height (in) 3.36 3.07
OD (in) 2.95 2.93
# of Drain Holes 8 8
Drain Hole ID 0.25 0.32
Inside Media Paper Paper
Phenolic Resin Yes No
Anti-Drain Back Valve Yes Yes
Uses a Coil or Leaf Coil Leaf
End Caps Metal Fiber
# of Pleats 47 62
Pleat Connection Glued Glued
By Pass Yes No
Can Thickness 0.015 0.017
Center Tube Style Single Spiral Plastic Tube
Media Height 1.817 2.15
Media Length 56.75 46
Media Area 103.11475 98.9


  • STP uses a leaf spring, rather than a coil spring.
  • STP uses a fiberboard endcap for the media, rather than metal endcaps.
  • STP uses a plastic center tube, rather than a metal center tube.
  • STP uses a rubber anti-drainback valve, rather than a silicone anti-drainback valve.
  • STP weighed substantially less than NapaGold.
  • The ACDelco, STP, and Luberfiner all had similar construction.