WixCool!  That’s what.  So then, what is WixCool and why is it in my coolant filter?


 Wix 24071 & Napa 4071 Coolant Filter


Wix created WixCool (part #24056) fluid which is a one-step film-forming inhibiter designed to protect the metal components by keeping the hardness of cooling fluids in suspension rather than attaching themselves to metal components and becoming solidified and scaly.  In other words, the hard contaminants stay in the coolant rather than getting deposited and creating restrictions over time.


In the past, customers could buy a bottle of WixCool to add to their cooling systems for the extra protection, but then Wix decided to solidify the WixCool into little pink cylinders and put them into the coolant filters for you!  These little cylinders break down with time and create that extra protection without having to take the additional step of buying another product and adding it manually to the cooling system.






A few notes:

  • All SCA-type coolant conditioners (WixCool) are recommended by virtually all engine and equipment manufacturers.

  • WixCool can be used in gas and diesel engine cooling systems.

  • WixCool is compatible with virtually all glycol-based antifreezes.

  • WixCool is compatible with all seals and hoses.


So buy with confidence!  Not only do you get Wix quality filtration medias, but you also gain the corrosion inhibitors that will keep your cooling system performing as it should for as long as it should.  To see what has to offer, check out our coolant filters page at 


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