Luber-finer Filters ( started in 1936 in a Los Angeles garage providing filters to the local racing circuits and for passenger cars. Their early success lead to a demand in truck applications. Growing over the decades, Luber-finer was acquired by Champion Labs in 1979; in 2002, Champion grew the Luber-finer facilities in Illinois and South Carolina. And finally, in 2012, Fram Auto Group combined its operations with Champion Lab and Luber-finer filters. Fram now continues to move forward with Luber-finer with the intention of making a single entity under Fram Filtration.

  • Luber-finer Oil Filters

    Today’s demanding engines require the most effective oil filtration available. Field tests prove that Luber-finer lube filters provide the best engine protection you can buy.

    Real-Time Filtration Solutions That:

    • Reduce Engine Wear
    • Reduce Downtime
    • Reduce Operating Costs

    Imperial XL (Extended Life)

    Imperial XL premium quality heavy-duty lube filters provide exceptional filtration for high dust, off and on highway applications with extended drain intervals. The Imperial XL design features increased capacity and improved performance during low temperature start-ups and full load operations.

    Advanced Filter Technology (Ecore)

    This spin-on oil filter is designed to be lighter and easily recycled with as much as 15% increased media capacity.

  • Luber-finer Air Filters

    Featuring Luber-finer MXM Air Filters for 25-30% more dirt-holding capacity - even in the most extreme operating environments.

    Removes 99.9% Of Airborne Contaminants!

    • Reduced Filter Changes
    • Reduced Labor Costs
    • Reduced Downtime
    • Reduced Engine Damage From Over-Servicing

    MXM Force Air Filters

    • MicroGold fiber technology – providing an average of 50% more dust-holding capacity.
    • More pleats result in longer filter life, maximizing fuel efficiency and significantly improving fuel consumption.
  • Luber-finer Fuel Filters

    The sensible and economic way of fighting water and other contaminants in fuel lines!

    Modern engine fuel injection system pressure has increased to the point where even the smallest particles can cause erosion of the injectors. Luber-finer offers an entire product line of fuel filter/water separators and an aftermarket bolt-on fuel coalescer that works with an existing fuel filter.

    Research and development of the new "TotalTec" fuel filters show that this line of fuel filters offer an effective, all-in-one filter alternative to the OEM Racor bowl type fuel/water separators.

    Introducing TotalTec™ Heavy Duty Fuel Filters!

    The Smart Solution - One Filter Does It All
    • More Efficient Filtration - Durable, leak proof construction reduces risk of failure due to cracks and breakage.
    • Easier Installation - Reduces downtime and the mess associated with changing plastic bowl fuel filters.
    • Less Hassle To Stock - Eliminates the need to order and stock separate filters and plastic bowl add-on components.